3D Fox - Create professional 3D structural cakes with confidence

Create professional 3D structural cakes with confidence

Introduction to Cake Carving and Structure With Sharon Wee 

Have you ever wanted to make a really amazing cake for that special person but had no idea where to start?  

Have you turned down an order for a carved cake that looked so fun to make but you were unsure if you could do it without it falling apart?  

Would you like to learn the techniques and processes for efficiently getting consistent results for your structural cakes every time?  

Have you attended an in-person class but felt rushed or weren't able to get the teacher's full attention?

Build expert cakes that withstand anything

Ten years ago, a carved cake I was transporting at the time slid off the cake board and hit the inside door of my car when I turned a corner too quickly. I knew nothing about structure and had not secured that cake properly... so you guessed it, days of work were totally wasted and I had to scramble to fix it so my customer wouldn't have a cake-less birthday.

That incident left me feeling totally uncertain and made me doubt my own abilities, even though I knew I could make amazing cakes.  

Thankfully I have learned a lot since then. I’ve spent thousands of dollars on many classes and books. I've learned many important lessons through trial and error and have produced hundreds of 3D cakes to learn what I know today. My cakes can withstand almost ANYTHING!

In this course, I want to share with you the techniques I have adapted and developed over the years and give you the same confidence I have when I create 3D and structural cakes.  

What you'll discover in this course

Introduction to Cake Structure and Carving is a 3 week video-based course starting August 6th with a special twist. It includes daily live help sessions, extra brainstorming sessions, and everything you need to know to confidently create a range of 3D structural cakes. 

Whether you have never carved a cake before or perhaps are a little more experienced, this course will give you a good solid foundation in understanding how to create structurally stable and professional looking 3D cakes.  

At the end of this course not only will you have a comprehensive understanding of how to create these impressive cakes with confidence, but you will also be inspired to create a range of other designs using the same structure. 

Plus, the course content is yours to keep and reference for life. You can also participate in the interactive part of the course for free each time it reopens.  

What you’ll learn

  • Create my standard stable cake structure that forms an essential part of many of my 3D cake projects
  • Use easy to find tools and materials to create your structure, and where to get them
  • Choose the right types of materials for your project
  • Tips and processes for carving your cake into a 3D shape
  • Work out the best strategy to cover complex 3D shaped cakes
  • Adding depth and character to a cake effectively using dusts
  • Create a range of cake designs by adapting this one basic structure
  • Choose the right cake texture for carving
  • Calculate serving portions for oddly shaped cakes, and adjust recipes to other sizes
  • Use templates and pictures to plan other designs and determine the structure and cake sizes needed
  • Price your cakes – not just 3D cakes, but all designs
  • Properly store and transport your cakes

Although we focus on one design in this course, you'll also get plenty of supplementary tips relating to many aspects of cake design that will help you with your other projects too.  

Student testimonials

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Learning optimised for you


Experience my personal teaching style from anywhere in the world, in the comfort of your own home, at your own pace. Take a few days off or a short break to feed your dog if you need to - the course will wait for you! Checklists and schedules make sure you are on track so you don’t lose your way.  

Plus, unlike an in-person class, there is no need to spend extra time or money on travelling, accommodation and childcare. 

Help when you need it

Daily scheduled live chat sessions, guaranteed email response times and a dedicated Facebook group means that help is never far away. 

Become a part of our global online community where you can get advice and help from other students 24/7.

Who you'll be after this course

After taking this course, you’ll be a confident cake builder. Based on 10 years of experience, I know how to guide you and keep tasks achievable. You will shift your mindset to one of success and even when you’re feeling a bit down, I’ll be there to give you lots of extra support videos, checklists, resource guides, templates and motivation so you can achieve your cake building dreams. Unlike an in-person class, you will have lifetime access to all the video recordings so that you can use the course whenever you need it. Without regular application and practice (recall of new knowledge) you’d only retain less than 30% after a week. With this online course you can go over the materials again and again, as fast or as slow you want, with plenty of time to ask questions if you need to. With all these chances to practice your new skills, creating sculpted and structural cakes will soon become as easy as brushing your teeth. You’ll hone your cake building skills and utilize them to confidently create amazing cakes just like the one in the course. You will also discover that you can apply your new talents to build a number of different cake styles and designs.  

What you get to keep forever

8 dedicated video lessons showing you the project from start to finish

Downloadable workbook with step by step instructions and screenshot images of each video lesson as a quick reference so you don’t get lost

A presentation on the learning mindset and setting yourself up for success

Recipes and additional videos for the cake, ganache, and modelling chocolate that we will use, and troubleshooting tips for when things don’t quite work out

Cake cutting and care instruction template for you to download and use

3D cake portions calculation worksheet, letting you resize the cake while still knowing what to bake

Full tools and materials list, and a summary per lesson

A reference and video explanation of tools and hardware and how to use them

Cake serving chart

Instructions for creating your own measuring board

Cake storage and transport information sheet

Comprehensive pricing guide so you can learn to calculate your pricing

A video lesson on adapting the cake structure to other designs

Extra video lessons on how to choose the right type of cake for carving, fixing dusting mistakes and colouring fondant

Access to the private Facebook group where you can connect with fellow students, watch past live video sessions or search conversations

Limited time inclusions during the course

2 x 1-hour live chat sessions a day where you can ask questions or request feedback and get a fast response

2 extra live video brainstorming sessions where we will discuss how to adapt the structure to create other designs based on student requests.  

How it works - Experience a new way of learning online 

How the course works

Your time commitment

You can choose to work on this course every day, but it's not required. Or, you could have occasional longer sessions if that works better for you.

You won’t need the full 3 weeks to complete this course but I have allocated that amount of time so that you have plenty of time to work the tasks around your life.

More advanced students even have the potential to start a second project during this time. Adapt the structure to another design and I’d be more than happy to help you along the way.

If you're worried about missing a few days or starting late, then don't be - the course is designed to accommodate this.  

Course completion bonuses!

Sometimes we just need a little something extra to encourage us to finish something we start, so I've created some amazing completion bonuses for you:  

  • Prizes! – I want you to be involved and be inspired to create. So I’m adding in some prizes to sweeten the deal a little. Prizes will be awarded for a few different categories and they are not all skills based so everyone has a fair chance of winning.
  • Completion certificate – When you make it to the end we are going to celebrate! I'll send you a certificate with your name once you submit a photo of your finished project.

Here's what some of our students accomplished last time!

Student projects

Better than an in-person class

Unlike all of my other online classes and tutorials, this new style of online course is as close as you can get to an in-person private class with me - complete with interactive live support and real time feedback, but with the convenience of working comfortably in your own environment.

Watch as I create the project from start to finish. Mistakes and problems are not edited out so you can see that these things happen to me too! Then learn how I troubleshoot and fix problems when they arise - just like it would happen in an in-person class.  

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How does this course compare to other courses?

The Benefits Our Unique
Online Course
Online Classes
Personalised help based on your work  
Twice a day live chat sessions for 3 weeks    
Accountability - motivation to finish  
Flexibility - work in your own time  
Guaranteed community support and help    
Comfort - work in your own environment with your own tools  
Lifetime access to content  
Rewind and replay  
Additional notes, templates, and guides  
Live dedicated brainstorming sessions    
Worldwide community - connect and network    
Mindset preparation tips    
Evolving and growing course content    

Who is this course suitable for?

Ambitious beginners

You might already know a little bit about cake decorating but have never attempted anything like this before. Even if you have never carved a 3D cake or assembled a structure before, I am here to help you get started the right way, so you can build a solid foundation for all your future cakes.


Experienced decorators

Maybe you have created a 3D cake or two but don’t really know if you are doing things the right way. We often learn new things while we work but have small gaps in our knowledge. I will share with you tried and tested techniques to ensure you gain the confidence to get quality results every time. Let me help you take your cakes to a whole new level.

About the instructor

I’m an internationally recognised cake decorator and author who left her corporate job 10 years ago to pursue the world of sweets and have never looked back.  

It took me years and I have spent thousands of dollars on many classes and books. I've learned many important lessons through trial and error and have produced hundreds of 3D cakes to learn what I know today.  

I have taught thousands of students from all around the world. Starting from all over Australia to Singapore, Hong Kong, Spain, Germany, the UK, the Middle East, Peru, Chile, the US and so many other amazing locations.  

Sharon Wee - Profile

I am known for keeping things as simple as possible and I don’t believe in using specialist equipment unless it’s absolutely necessary. I design and use techniques that are easy for you to follow so that everyone can achieve results they are proud of.  

I’ve had to work in hot conditions, cold conditions, dry conditions and humid conditions. I’ve had tools substituted at the last minute, been given cakes that fall apart, and taught students who are complete beginners through to advanced decorators. So suffice it to say, I have experienced it all and had to learn how to troubleshoot and adapt my teaching style and techniques when required.  

I have also published 2 cake decorating books – Adorable Cakes For All Occasions and Playful Party Cakes. My work has been featured on TV, magazines, radio, newspapers, and blogs.

We have students from all over the world

A tried and tested structure

Still not convinced? Check out what past student Laurette did just for fun!

5 years ago, I was teaching using the same structure. We set up the cakes and left all of them on a single foldable table overnight underneath an air conditioner to keep them cool.  

Overnight, the legs on one side of the table collapsed and all the cakes slid off the table and slammed against each other and the wall. Believe it or not, aside from some minor dents, every single cake was fine because of how secure the internal structure was inside. This structure has seen a lot of testing over the years which is why I’m confident teaching it to you too.  

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As seen in/at

Money back guarantee

We are confident that this course will give you a solid and comprehensive understanding of how to create 3D and structural cakes. But if for any reason you feel that this course is not for you we have a 5-day money back guarantee from when the first lesson is released – no questions asked, though of course we’d welcome any feedback you have for us.

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Available for a limited time only!

This course has a set start and end date so every student gets the attention they deserve. Sign up before time runs out.


We can take payment in two currencies

You can buy with US Dollars (USD) or Australian Dollars (AUD), our local currency. Don't worry if your credit card is in another currency, it will be converted automatically by your bank when billed.

Payment plans are available

If you have any further question about the course please contact us on creations@sharonwee.com.au